About the Festival

Voices of the (603) is an a cappella festival, concert and educational clinics for New Hampshire middle and high school students called Voices of the (603). It is our hope that by providing this opportunity to the choruses across the state, the love for vocal music will flourish. The day-long program provides opportunities for performance and networking between students, teachers, and schools.

Our goals for Voices of the (603) are to:

  • Raise awareness of vocal and a cappella music in the state;
  • Connect and showcase the talented musicians throughout the state; and,
  • Provide alternative ways to foster a lifelong passion in music without necessarily majoring in music.

The program consists of two segments. The morning and afternoon over 230 middle and high school students, their teachers and other teachers gathered  to learn from some fantastic clinicians including: Jessie Caynon, Susan Wilkes, Kevin Cleary, Jamie Bolduc, Krystal Morin, Jamie Saucier, Carol Smolenski and the professional group, Ball in the House. Topics for the clinics consisted of; “The Magic of Kinesthetics”, “Shake Up Your Warm-ups!”, “Audition Pointers” , “Recording on a Dime”, “Vocal Percussion: Beatboxing Evolved” , “Round, Round, Get-a-round” , “Private Vocal Instruction” , “Tag – You’re It!”, “Master Clinics”, and “Stage Presence and Rehearsal Techniques”. This part of the day wrapped up around 3 p.m. when we get to be on the stage at the historic and beautiful Capitol Center for the Arts.
The second part of the program, along with the students, teachers and presenters, is here at the beautiful and historic Capitol Center for the Arts for the evening. At CCANH the students are performing for this public concert
where they will be ranked on gold, silver or bronze for their performance. This concert is emceed by WZID’s Heather
Bishop, has several generations of vocalists performing and is being recorded for educational purposes for our website.

We hope you enjoy the show.


Order tickets here: https://ccanh.com/events/voices-of-the-603-2/