About the Concert

Every evening of the Voices of the (603) a cappella festival there has been a public performance. We have performed at Palace Theatre, Currier Museum of Art, McIntyre Ski Lodge and our current home: Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH.

Every concert has a wide variety of performers. From the novice to the professional, from the community to the collegiate, and from those early in their singing life to those who have sang for over 80 years, the concert has something for everyone.

The concert features some of New Hampshire’s finest ensembles. Drawing from the local talent, it is important to show the students what opportunities exist after graduation (from middle school, high school, or college). These students are able to see that singing can be a passion or career. But what is the greatest part of the night is that everyone is so supportive of the people that take that stage.

This year’s concert is going to feature a great collection of talent from down the road and across NH. The evening will end with a professional group, Ball in the House. They are a group that sings hundreds of times a year, but always leave the stage after giving it their all.

A gentleman from Canada wrote to us the day after last year’s Voices of the (603) concert. He said,

Hello, I would like to let you know that my wife and I (from Montreal, Canada) were passing through Concord region, we booked a room in this area by chance. Because we had nothing to do this evening. we bought 2 tickets for the show of last Friday without really knowing what it was. It was the best investment for a long time. We had an excellent evening!!!”

Tickets are available for purchase directly at the Capitol Center for the Arts’ website:

Voices of the 603

There is also a great 2-1 deal. Buy a ticket to the Kings’ Singers and get a ticket to Voices for free…call the box office and ask them about it! (603) 225-1111 Box Office Direct Line