Practice Files and Complete Arrangements

2017 Song – What do I Know? -Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, John McDaid, & Fox Vance

arr. Saucier ’17

Complete Song (PDF) (MP3)

Soprano 1 (PDF) (MP3)

Soprano 2 (PDF) (MP3)

Alto 1 (PDF) (MP3)

Alto 2 (PDF) (MP3)

Tenor (PDF) (MP3)

Bass (PDF) (MP3)

2016 Song – Can’t Stop The Feeling! – J. Timberlake

Timberlake, M. Martin, Shellback

Arr. Saucier ’16

Complete Song (PDF) (MP3)

2015 Song – Shut Up & Dance/Geronimo Mashup

McMahon, B. Berger, N. Petricca, Waugaman, K. Ray, E. Maiman, Sheppard, A. Sheppard, J. Bovino

Arr. Saucier ’15

Complete Song (PDF) (MP3)

2014 Song – Boys Chase Girls – I. Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson

Complete Song (PDF)  (MP3)

2013 Song – Roar/Firework Mashup – K. Perry

Katy Perry

Complete Song (PDF) (MP3)

2012 Song – Carry on my Wayward Son – Kansas

Arr. Altimari

Complete Song (PDF) (MP3)

2012 Song – Some Nights – F.U.N.

Arr. Cyrus Winnacunnet HS class of ‘13

Complete Song (PDF) (MP3)

2011 Song – Rock ‘n Roll Medley – various

Arr. Saucier ‘11

Complete Song (PDF) (MP3)

2010 Song – September – Earth, Wind and Fire

Arr. Saucier ‘10

Complete Song (PDF) (MP3)